Rocket League Dueller

7 tips to help you be a better Rocket League Dueller

Rocket League is a game that will appeal to all fans of adrenaline, speed, and racing. Since 2015, it is still an actual game on the most popular Xbox and Playstation consoles. There are both team games and duels in the game, and your success in the game’s rating will depend on the second option. Therefore, in this article, we have prepared 7 tips for you to win the Rocket League duel.

Approach the ball at an angle on the kick-off

This is the most important rule of thumb when hitting the ball, the harder the hit, the harder it is to catch the ball, and if you throw it straight you will not achieve anything. The best way is to approach the ball at an angle of about 45 degrees, so with strong acceleration the trajectory of the ball cannot be caught and it lands directly into the opponent’s goal. But even if you fail to score in this case, your opponent’s chances of pulling the same trick on you are greatly reduced.

Make sure your boost is always replenished

The nitro level in the tank of your car should always be high because this is the only way you will have a real chance to win. Therefore, you should not use up your reserves too much by aimlessly moving around the arena.

The presence of nitro can be a decisive aspect during the battle when you need to perform a maneuvering trick or shoot.

Slow down and increase speed to shoot.

Team games differ from duels in that in the first, a large number of machines help block targets, and everything is decided by the acceleration of the ball. In duels, everything happens a bit slower and you have a chance to carefully plan your throw. The main thing is that you have to do this to slow down so that before the actual throw you have an angle of rocket acceleration.

This will be especially advantageous if the opponent missed before this, and he needs time to recover.

Hang in the goalmouth to defend

To find out how to get good at rocket league in duels, the main thing is to understand that the principle of the game in this mode is different from the team game, and therefore the longer you play, the more chances your opponent has to build a shooting strategy against you.

The best position you can take is near the corner of your goal, so you can easily block your opponent’s path.

In the case when you attack, kick the ball towards the corner then change its direction to blast the opponent.

Be aggressive!

Among the players of the Rocket League, there is a thought that it is impossible to crash into their cars, but this is not so. This move can save your situation more than once, a split second before your opponent won.

Avoid air entry

The airstrike is an epic trick, very useful in team fights, but in a duel, it opens you up to the enemy and makes it easier for you to strike. This is a very risky move and we advise you not to follow it if there is no urgent need for it.

Sometimes it’s okay to standstill

Sometimes the static position of the car can help you receive the balls. Tilt the body of the car towards the ball and slam the main brakes so that the ball loses its former speed. And with the help of nitro, you can quickly attack the enemy at this moment.