Best cloud storage providers for your business

Best cloud storage providers for your business

The purchase of reliable cloud storage has become an important component of any successful business because, in this digital age, activity on the Internet is becoming inevitable. As the World Wide Web develops and various software solutions emerge, entrepreneurs couldn’t help but notice that moving important data online now seems more cost-effective, convenient, and much more secure. Cloud storage is ready to provide you with everything you need to run an organized business and offers free trials before you decide to purchase a package. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best of them.

IDrive Review

IDrive is a unique and versatile cloud storage service that can be used on both web servers and mobile devices. Share files via your favorite social network or email, and return up to 30 file backups.

 IDrive Express is a special add-on that gives you a real hard drive to protect all data in case of loss. Even if you delete any file from your device, it is still saved in the cloud, so if an emergency happens you can be calm about the integrity of your data.

Besides, IDrive can be considered as the best storage for your photos, it has a face recognition function and smartly synchronizes your photos on all your devices. The only downside is an outdated interface compared to more modern versions of cloud servers, as well as a relatively slow download speed.

Vendors offer annual subscriptions to their device for prices starting at $80 (for one user) and starting at $100 a year for five users.

Google Drive Review

Google Drive has become at this time the only cloud storage for android users and Google Workspace because the service has excellent integration ability. It manages to store any kind of information, so you can upload everything there, from photos to important documents, spreadsheets, presentations and so on.

Google Drive has a free version that provides 15GB of storage and a simple interface, but users with a paid subscription have much more features available.

Rates start at $20 a year and 100GB of storage, with each subsequent plan going up by $10 and the amount of storage also increasing tenfold.

Nextcloud Review

Generally speaking, Nextcloud is not cloud storage, it is a program that allows you to synchronize your data and content sharing, provides its app, if you install it you can control your cloud storage services.

The main advantage of this solution is:

  • Giving you full control while storing your data
  • Improved performance
  • Simplified workflows

The program is a free application, but you still have to pay for the settings. If you are already using Nextcloud infrastructure you will be better off using it.

You can also order Nextcloud Enterprise service if you have at least 50 employees in your company.

pCloud Overview

The pCloud is a cloud server developed in Switzerland that doesn’t have any file size limits, so it might be the perfect solution for storing your medical content.

The pCloud Transfer service gives you the possibility to use up to 5GB for free on any device, pCloud Crypto has an encryption function for individual files.

Lifetime subscriptions are on the list of rates, and you don’t see that very often. Other plans differ from each other only in storage capacity and download link traffic.